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Holistic Dentistry

“Holistic Dentistry acknowledges that the body is a connected whole. By carefully assessing parts of the mouth other than the teeth, one is able to consider the health of the individual’s digestive tract, airway, and sleep quality. My passion is to use the mouth to attempt to uncover ways to further improve my patient’s health beyond just the teeth.”

Holistic Dentistry in the traditional sense of the term denotes a style of dentistry that attempts to reduce exposure to potential toxicants during routine procedures. So, for example, one may choose to use a rubber dam to isolate a tooth during amalgam removal, as well as other procedures such as using a Flex Vac – to try to suck up any aerosol (mercury vapour) during removal.

Furthermore, the dentist may offer options such as Fluoride free options, or porcelain restorations to reduce the need to place large quantities of white filling material which contains resin which is less biocompatible than porcelain.

Dr Dan does not perform check ups and cleans or restorative dentistry any more, preferring to focus on (LINK TO) tongue and lip ties, and Myofunctional Orthodontics . However, he works alongside dentists who are able to offer such biocompatible treatments on the Gold Coast.

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Dr Dan’s approach to Holistic Dentistry goes beyond trying to be as biocompatible as possible.

Dr Dan has studied the following:

Buteyko Breathing techniques

The mouth is the gateway to the airway. During a dental exam it is possible to discover signs of breathing dysfunction. Knowledge of this allows the opportunity to take healthcare beyond the teeth and gums. Snoring and sleep apnoea signs can be picked up during routine examinations. Dr Dan is a qualified Buteyko Institute Breathing Educator (MBIBH) and Fellow of Buteyko Practitioners International (FBPI)

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Dr Dan is not a licensed nutritionist, so he works closely with local holistically minded dieticians or GPs. He has, however spent over 50 hours of professional development studying nutrition alongside holistic GPs.

Nutritional imbalances may be gleaned from careful observation of the oral cavity. The tongue is, after all an extension of the gut.

TMJ Treatments

The jaw joint (TMJ) is highly neurologically innervated. Therefore, dysfunction of this particular joint can lead to a myriad of symptoms such as tingling, tic, tremor, head aches, neck aches and back aches. Dr Dan’s study of this joint led him to want to spread the word about it. He now lectures globally on jaws and the jaw joint.