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Men’s Work

Click here to learn about or join a 6 week mens course and mens group 

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“Men’s Work” refers to a variety of ways in which men can develop emotional intelligence, learn to be more authentic, and become more aware of their own patterns of behaviour.

I have learned a great deal about my own ego and patterns of conditioned behaviour through a variety of programs run by Men’s Wellbeing. For example I learned that I had a tendency to “rescue” people who are close to me – often when help is not wanted or unnecessary.  This was likely due to me having to emotionally “rescue” my mother from a young age due to the early death of my father when I was 6 years old. I have found that a combination of awareness and acceptance of my “self” has resulted in a much happier life with more authentic relationships.

Most of my mens work events are booked at Breathe Health Retreats

I have undertaken training as a facilitator with various organisations including Men’s Wellbeing and Rites of Passage Institute and have facilitated and created numerous self-inquiry workshops and events.

Men’s Wellbeing was founded 20 years ago as the Men’s Health and Wellbeing Association of Queensland, after several men already involved in men’s personal growth work noted the lack of government or community resources for men.

Totally self-funded and incorporated as a not-for-profit community association, it has since grown to have a current active membership base of over 350. It is steered by an elected management committee of volunteers and employs part-time staff.

The Rites of Passage Institute supports people of all ages to face the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing world, to find their unique gifts and talents, and create a healthy vision for the next stage of their lives.

They deliver transformational programs globally. The school programs, camps and leadership training have been attended by over 350,000 people in more than 20 countries and are now a part of over 70 schools around Australia.

“There are profound benefits when men have the space and time to discuss the things that matter with other men. Several times a year I offer a 6 week men’s group and self-inquiry program.

What is this men’s group all about?

  • Learn more about yourself
  • Get connected with other local men
  • Have fun
  • Get real
  • Build community

Who is this for?

Adult men from all walks of life, and social backgrounds can benefit from these groups. Typical groups have a range of attendees including those who feel content with life, through to those facing challenges.

‘What’s the point of ‘self-inquiry’?

When a man comes to know his own ‘blind spots’ he can begin to have domain over them. This ‘self-awareness’ can lead to greater presence and mastery of his life, and a stronger connection to self, family and the wider community.

It is our belief that getting to know and ultimately accept both the comfortable (light) and uncomfortable (shadow) parts of ourselves can be very beneficial. When this is done in a community of supportive men, the transformation can be more complete and more connecting than ‘going it alone’.

Ongoing connection:

Often ongoing self-sustaining men’s groups form as a result of such programs. Some groups continue to meet regularly for many years.