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About Dr Dan

“My biggest passion is to inspire others to become the healthiest version of themselves. I combine knowledge from my traditional dental degree, with my “alternative” personal health journey, to deliver a holistic approach to health. Nutrition and Functional Breathing are my biggest focus.”

  • 2003 – Graduated –  Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield, UK
  • 2012 onwards – Limited Practice to: 
  • Children’s facial growth and prevention of orthodontic braces
  • Adults jaw problems (TMJ)
  • Breathing Retraining using Buteyko Method – Adults and Children – Snoring / Sleep Apnoea / Asthma / Congestion 
  • Infant and non infant Tongue and Lip Tie Clinic – Laser Surgery to assist breast feeding, speech, and function 
  • Helping babies to breast feed using the most modern laser techniques (tongue and lip tie correction) is a big passion for Dr Dan.

Dr Dan says,

“when a baby is able to breast feed correctly, it is not only more comfortable for the mother, but it helps to establish correct swallowing and breathing patterns. This in turn can lead to better overall health, including reduced infant symptoms such as colic, less chance of speech pathology, and better jaw and airway formation. The tongue is an amazing muscle which when allowed to function correctly, can set the body up for better breathing, better sleep and better health.”

He lectures internationally on the subjects of early childhood orthodontics and breathing dysfunction, and has had several articles published in professional journals relating to these subjects.

His Credentials:

“My mission is to educate and empower the public so that they may become the healthiest version of themselves.”

Part of my mission, is to connect the various professional communities such as GPs, naturopaths, dentists, and osteopaths, and show them how they can all work together for a better patient outcome.

Another part is educating the public so that they are able to demand that their 5 pillars of health be looked at by their healthcare providers. 

I work closely with my local colleagues in an attempt to deliver the most thorough health care options that I can.”

The Team Approach to your health

Dr Dan’s 5 pillars of health are:






Did you know that headaches are often caused by muscle pain, and the way you breathe, what you eat, and how your jaw bites can affect this dramatically?

Did you know that a blocked nose could be due to the way you breathe, or it could be due to what you eat?