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Infant Tongue Tie Clinic

Infants and Toddlers

Why Treat Early? The Challenge of a Newborn baby

Bringing a baby into this world can be one of the greatest things that a human being does. However, it can be a challenging time on so many levels. Feeding a newborn can present a number of challenges. One common cause of breast feeding difficulties is “restricted oral tissue”, or more commonly known as “tongue tie”, or “lip tie”.

To download research in relation to this, click the PDF below:

Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding Difficulty (45KB)

It is however a condition that can be rectified effectively using laser surgery combined with an interdisciplinary approach to the problem.

To download research in relation to this, click the PDF below:

Tongue Tie Release Can Help Breastfeeding (52KB)

How can a Tongue or Lip Tie Affect Breast Feeding?

During normal function, the tongue and lips work together to create a seal to enable a good latch on the breast. The lip acts rather like a suction cup around the nipple and the tongue pushes upwards on the nipple, creating a suction effect between the tongue and the palate with the nipple in between them. This suction effect helps the baby to hold onto the nipple and compresses the nipple, elongating it back towards the throat. Milk is expressed from the breast partly due a mechanical effect and partly due to a hormonal effect. It is the mechanics of breast feeding which are affected by restricted oral tissues.

Specific Symptoms During Breast Feeding

Common symptoms of a restrictive tongue/lip include:

  • poor ability to latch or inability to stay latched
  • sliding off the nipple
  • falling asleep at the breast
  • regular clicking during a feed
  • poor weight gain
  • maternal nipple pain or damage (mastitis, cracks and bleeding)
  • compromised maternal milk supply
  • dribbling milk at the breast or bottle
  • digestive issues such as increased gassiness or reflux
  • aerophagia (swallowing air during feeding)
  • poor control of the milk during swallowing (lack of coordination)

To download our mother/baby symptom questionnaire PDF click the link below:

Lactation History (423KB)

The Process Involved at Gold Coast Tongue Tie Clinic’s Infant Tongue and Lip Tie Clinic

Preparation for your consultation
We will send you some important documents with lots of information to prepare you for your consultation. Depending on what is needed, several appointments may be necessary before we see you. Eg: with a lactation consultant, or with a body worker (chiropractor / osteopath / physiotherapist)

The consultation
A through consultation is essential for effective diagnosis and for educating our guests in how to best care for the infants in the post-operative period. Usually this consultation will be a joint consultation with our dentist and lactation consultant or mid-wife

The procedure Laser tongue and lip tie surgery is quick and effective. Immediately post-operatively our lactation consultant or mid-wife will be there to assist with the feeding and after-care

The care call
We will make an appointment with you to call you 1-2 days later so we can assist you in whatever way is necessary

The first review
Our protocol involves you returning to one of our clinics around 5-7 days  later for a free review appointment. This helps to ensure that everything is going according to plan. This is usually arranged at Heal Dental Care Burleigh. However, for those living closer to Byron Bay we can see you at The Myofunctional Space at The Health Lodge Byron Bay

Continued phone checks
Followed by a 2 month review via email. If all is going well, we don’t need to see you again

Dr Dan says,

“This is one of my most rewarding areas of work. To see a mother go from not being able to feed a baby, to being able to successfully feed often on the same day of surgery is a big reason why I do this. The tongue is an amazing muscle, involved in feeding, speech, growth of the face and jaws, functional breathing and of course taste. When it is able to work properly, there are so many potential benefits to the individual.”

Dr Dan Hanson – head of the Gold Coast Tongue Tie Clinic – has lectured internationally on the subject of Myofunctional (muscle function) problems since 2011. He is considered an expert in tongue function by many in his profession. He is is one of very few providers of laser surgery in Australia who performs laser tongue tie surgery in infants.

If you would like more information, please see our Tongue Tie FAQ

Please call The Myofunctional Space at The Health Lodge Byron Bay on (02) 6685 6445 or if you are calling about a child under age 24 months old please contact one of the tongue and lip tie educated Lactation Consultants and Midwives who can assess your needs and support you prior to seeing us. We will not perform any surgery before having a referral letter and feeding assessment done by one of these professionals.