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Community Involvement

“I am passionate about involvement in my local community, both with professionals, and mums, dads, and their children. Positive change starts at the level of the individual. Governments can only do so much. I hope you like learning about the community projects which I am involved in, and also hope you may be inspired to get involved in your own community.”

I read this article below in a health journal and decided to live my professional life by these standards.

A new hippocratic oath for our pioneer doctors of health

I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

  • I shall endeavour to use the knowledge given to me to help my fellow beings to stay as healthy as possible at the genome, cellular, organ, system and psychological level so that they will not require to be cured from a preventable disease.
  • I shall appropriately use the best validated diagnostics available so I can determine with certainty the extent to which my fellow human has drifted from optimal health and the causes of such harm at the fundamental genomic level.
  • I shall use holistic methods including nutrition, life-style, environmental and socio-psychological approaches that are best suited to return my fellow human to a state of well-being sustainably and within their means.
  • At the community level, I shall contribute to create ecologically viable, genome-protective, enjoyable, stimulating environments, nurture the establishment of caring and engaging societies, allowing equal opportunity for realising one’s purpose and creative potential whilst securing optimal health to do so.

To fulfil my pledge to have a positive impact in my community as well as my dental professional role, I am involved in running various self-inquiry programs, mens groups and mens rites of passage programs as well as Rites of Passage Programs for teenage boys

I strongly believe that emotional wellness and self-awareness within our community members is foundational for community wellness.


Common Ground

Common Ground is a 9-week facilitated course that offers a powerful way for men to explore the issues and challenges they face. 

Common Ground men’s group is a place for men to have the conversations that they need to have, in a supported and non-judgemental way.

To find out more about Common Ground, please see for more information

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

Dr Dan is a facilitator with Rites of Passage Institute, working on camps for young men to help them to grow into happy and responsible young men.

there is an old saying which goes something like:
“If you do not show a young man the heat, he will burn down the village.”

The meaning behind this is in relation to the need for young men to be challenged and mentored by older men within their community, and ‘initiated’ into manhood at the right time, through story telling of old wisdom, and by being challenged in a kind, caring and controlled way. If this does not happen, the boy may find his own way of initiating himself (often subconsciously) by doing dangerous things like consuming too much alcohol, speeding in cars, taking drugs and so on. The Rites of Passage Institute offers excellent programs to initiate boys into manhood in the form of father-son camps.

Dr Dan says, “These camps are, along with the other work I do with infants to help them feed, one of my great passions. It is a pleasure and honour to play a small part in the transition from boyhood to healthy manhood. It is my hope that one day it will become the ‘norm’ for all of our boys to go through similar Rites as they transition into manhood.”

To find out more about Rites of Passage Institute, please see for more information

Rites of Passage Institute is based in Northern New South Wales. For those in the Southeast Queensland region, Dan is also involved with Powerhouse Programs