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Breathing Dysfunction

The Role of Breathing in 5 Pillars of Health 

“Breathing” is one of Dr Dan’s “5 Pillars of Health.” It is said to be number 1 on the brain’s list of priorities for survival and so many conditions can be related to the body compensating to allow for breathing. For example, poor head and neck posture, and resultant pain can relate to mouth breathing.

Dr Dan is a member of The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health and is co-founder of SleepYstrip.

sleepYstrip is a simple adhesive patch designed to assist with nose breathing during sleep. It may improve sleep and reduce snoring by slowing down the flow of air as it passes through the airways.

Click here to find out why nose breathing is important.


Dr Dan is passionate about helping as many people as possible to breathe better. 

For those who cannot get to our Gold Coast Clinic, Dr Dan is co-founder of a great product called sleepYstrip
This assists with nasal breathing at night to deliver a quieter, more restful sleep.

Dr Dan says, 
“The way we breathe affects so many aspects of our health, and in particular, how we sleep. sleepYstrip is a simple product which can assist with reducing snoring, sleep apnoea, and increasing energy levels. From the sleepYstrip website you can find great information to help you to breathe better. I hope you like it.”